Friday, September 23, 2011

A New Leaf

Well, I know its been awhile, but well...I'm short on sticktoitiveness. Actually I have a problem. Its called compulsive hoarding, it's quite an addiction actually. Sort of  joke among a lot of flea market people is that we all have a disease that cause us not to be able to stop buying...well I have overcome my adddiction.
However my house has been quite cluttered the last few years which has made it really hard to do anything but constantly  move "stuff" from one spot to another.
I'm not buying anymore, but I do still clean out properties. I wont be able to show you any new stuff I bought, but I can show you some things as I get ready to sell them. So here they are.
This is a sweet old wooden tool box. Good solid shape. I'm going clean it up and put $35 bucks on it and see what happens. Prolly have to take less, but you never know.

Below are two sets of old Childcraft books. Theyll be listed on ebay. I'm figuring to get $15-$30 for them. I got them for free so whatever.

Well hopefully I can update this blog more often as I get the clutter cleared away. Feel free to visit my other blogs at
If you're really feeling helpful some comments would be cool.

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