Monday, January 31, 2011

Famous $5 a Bag Sale at NTCH

Its been a busy couple of days. Went to the $5 bag sale at the NTCH last Thurs and Friday. Spent about $50 most of which I already made back via the antiques booth and
Picked up a copy of The Offical Preppy Handbook which is on now for $37. Other items I got were...Pyrex Flameware Saucepan, 2 Pyrex Pie plates, Dozens of CDs and VHS movies, Computer data cables, Corning Cornflower Coffee Perculator, 25# kitchen scale, Remco Toy Dump Truck, 2 Tins full of buttons, a couple dozen 80's hard rock music cassette tapes, Agfa Optima 500 35mm camera, 51 comic books and a LOT of other stuff.
Too busy to get pics of video right now.

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