Monday, January 31, 2011

Famous $5 a Bag Sale at NTCH

Its been a busy couple of days. Went to the $5 bag sale at the NTCH last Thurs and Friday. Spent about $50 most of which I already made back via the antiques booth and
Picked up a copy of The Offical Preppy Handbook which is on now for $37. Other items I got were...Pyrex Flameware Saucepan, 2 Pyrex Pie plates, Dozens of CDs and VHS movies, Computer data cables, Corning Cornflower Coffee Perculator, 25# kitchen scale, Remco Toy Dump Truck, 2 Tins full of buttons, a couple dozen 80's hard rock music cassette tapes, Agfa Optima 500 35mm camera, 51 comic books and a LOT of other stuff.
Too busy to get pics of video right now.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Another Day at the NTCH $8

Had fun today rooting through the NTCH finding cool stuff. Found a bunch of card games that I forgot to put in the video. I just put a bunch of them together for a lot listing on ebay.

The dart board in the video is really nice. Its a good quality board that Im hoping I can get at least $25 for at the shop in Mansfield. I really like the Cast Iron trivets, even the electric one, but Ill only put a couple bucks a piece on those. Not sure what to do with the Princess House Lamp, that's just not a item that sells very well. Prolly just box it away or now. The Little Tykes dinosaur is for Flintstones toys and it will go to the shop. Love the little Dakin Pug Dog. Really cute. The Foley Measure Cups are always good for a couple dollars. Tape recorder is going to get used for awhile on some projects, but Im sure Ill sell it too. The matchbox tray will be used for its intended purpose as I gather up old MBs for my collection. Love the little Peter Rabbit fork. Then there's always something cool about having something from the Waldorf. It looks like its just plated silver. The 1975 Train Ornament looks an aweful lot like some Hallmark ornaments I've seen, but it isnt marked. I just liked the plastic sheet with the rooster on it. Thinking of framing it. Guess that's it except for a few pieces of scrap metal I threw in the bags.

Im going to a good sale tomorrow, but I get to work a Walmart later in the day so I might not get to post.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Half an hour at the NTCH $10

Stopped by the Northern Tier Children's Home Thrift Store for a while today. Spent $10 and got a little scrap metal, some book display stands, 3 Corelle Butterfly Gold tumblers, an old Hamms Beer glass, vintage Woody Woodpecker puzzle, and Atlas Wire Top jar, a Singer Zigzagger Attachment and couple Microsoft game controllers. Oh yeah, got some Little Tykes Waffle Blocks too. Most of this stuff Ill just keep till I find more similar items to go with and then I sell either at the shop or online.

Monday, January 24, 2011

An Hour at Goodwill and $43 Later

Another great trip to the Goodwill Store. Started the day visiting the Country Trader Antiques & Collectibles Shop in Mansfield, Pa. where I have a booth for selling many of my trashy, treasure discoveries. Decided on the way home to stop by the Goodwill Store in Wellsboro, Pa. for a quick look around. I found some sweet items while I was there picking. Toys, books, and housewares which I'll share on video at Youtube. Want to check some of the items on ebay too.

Got a decent Penncrest Ice Cream Freezer, Little Tykes Dollhouse Furniture, a cool little Dodge Viper toy car, a Pyrex Visions Dutch Oven pot, Pampered Chef Cookbook, Pa State Grange Cookbook, 2 Red and White Enamel Sauce Pans, Lots of Childrens Books and a few Christian books. A nice Second Printing of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Ten Lynne Ewing books. A spooky picture book of Devilish Tales from Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee and Kentucky titled, Dark and Bloodied Ground by Mary Eastman and Mary Bolte. A Scrabble Dictionary, A Treasury of Children's Literature, 3 Alpha Pets books and several other books. Torrey's Treasury of Scripture Knowledge, Spurgeons Men of the Old Testament.

Not much for ebay or in this lot, but a great selection of inventory for my shops in Mansfield and Galeton.